E: Unable to locate package brave-browser when trying to install on Chromebook via Linux terminal

I have a Samsung Chromebook Plus v1 and am trying to install Brave via the Linux Terminal. I first tried this guide: https://chromeunboxed.com/can-i-install-the-brave-browser-on-my-chromebook/. Everything works until the final step (sudo apt install brave-browser) at which point I get E: Unable to locate package brave-browser. A Googe search didn’t really turn up too much, but I did try the official instructions for installing it on Linux as well (https://brave-browser.readthedocs.io/en/latest/installing-brave.html#linux) and followed the steps for the Debian 9+, which is what the ChromeOS sandbox terminal is, to my understanding. Again, everything goes fine until the last step where I get the Unable to locate error.

I understand that I can download the Brave app from the Play Store, but I am looking for a full browser, not just the mobile one. I am also a complete newbie when it comes to Linux, so anything beyond following instructions is beyond my scope, haha. Thanks for any help!

You might not have a source/repository that has brave-browser in it.
Look into adding an Ubuntu or Debian repository maybe?

It looks like the OP1 processor is not supported, so I’m guessing that is my issue?

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