Dropped transactions

not sure where to post this, couldnt find customer support.

Everytime i try make a transaction using brave wallet it tells me the transaction has been dropped, does anyone know a fix?

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@pedsmed issue is related to things like:

Same for:

Just been a roll of the dice on things getting through. It’s all being worked on

I doubt it’s related. I’ve completed transactions with all kinds of platforms and wallets such as Binance and Solflare, but Brave Wallet is failing me.
Not sure if it’s because you place very low fees and the transaction doesn’t get picked up or what exactly is going on, but I can’t seem to transfer any funds.

Ah, @justanotherdude seems I didn’t come back to update on this. There’s too many topics. But this is a known issue and being worked on.

I have the same problem, I cant send SOL to other wallets, transactions is always dropped.

how good is a wallet if it can only recive but not send?

saying “is known issue and being worked on.” only make it worse, it should be fixed yesterday, ppl cant send their fundsm that is huge problem, also this site is super slow, connection dropping as well here, some times it dont even load.

what are we suppose to do, wait brave dev good will to fix it when there shouldnt be a problem at all, worst decision to use this wallet, only if i had googled…

we gonna have to wai 5 days? 10 days??? f bs.

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I also have this problem…

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have been trying to send my solana over to phantom for 2 days now, transaction keeps getting dropped. i used to reset my transaction data and reset wallet data, reimport my wallet and then it would let me send one tx, now after doing all of that and restarting pc my tx just drops every time or fails.

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@Saoiray The same issue keeps occurring. With all due respect, 15 days have passed since your last comment, as you see this is an issue that is happening for many people, it needs to be fixed ASAP, this is affecting people’s hard-earned money which is stuck in the wallet and cannot be moved anywhere!!!

Solana itself has been having issues. They are trying to roll out an update to fix it on April 15. You can read some articles and Twitter posts about this below: