Problems trying to withdraw Worldcoin from my Brave wallet

Hello, i need support with this issue.
I have Worldcoin funds in the Brave wallet but when I try to withdraw them to another wallet, it tells me that the balance is insufficient and does not allow me to withdraw anything, can someone help me?

Do you have currency for gas? And on the appropriate network?

For example, if your Worldcoin is on Optimism, you will need ETH from Optimism network to use as gas. Or if your Worldcoin is on Ethereum, you will need ETH from Ethereum.

In your description, you make it sound like you only have Worldcoin.

Hello, thanks for your soon respond.
I bought some ETH thinking I would need it for gas but it still won’t let me.

But you bought the wrong ETH. Remember how I said if your Worldcoin is on Optimism that your ETH needs to be on Optimism? But if you look at your screenshot you bought ETH on Ethereum. This means it is not compatible and you don’t have the proper funds needed for the transaction

Thats absolutely right, thanks a lot, the problem is already solved. Best regards

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