Sol transactions wont go through

Man brave wallet seems to really be dropping the ball.

All tranactions get stuck, I clear the wallet history and still stuck.

Set slippage to 5% which is crazy and still stuck.

once ina blue moon ill get one to go through.

whats the fix?

Timne for a new wallet?

seems like these issues are wide spread and no1 is getting answers

Everyone is experiencing issues. Might want to try to look at crypto news every once in a while. For example:

My assumption is it’s related to this. But I am wanting to tag in @steeven, @Evan123, and perhaps @StephenHeaps to see if any of them might have more answers.

And if it is indeed that issue, I guess just is another argument of mine for UX where we should have it better communicate issues to people. Having errors and failed transactions as a mystery with no feedback isn’t much of a good user experience.

Hello - There is an open issue regarding this matter here. Unfortunately, it is not exclusive to Brave and is being experienced by others on Solana.

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no issues using solflare, only on brave, i think ill just move my assets out of brave tbh. IF i can

Any updates to this? I’m trying to send a SOL token from one brave wallet to another and it wont do it. Dropped every single time. I don’t even know how I would go about finding out why

I haven’t seen anything. I even tried to check Google but all the big articles are just about the updates they were pushing last week and encouraging validators to adopt and update. But I’m not seeing anyone speak of it fixing anything or any feedback at all, at least not when I was looking for anything via Google.

Newest I did see is:

Otherwise, just were a bunch of things like below from last week:

Interesting. My workaround right now is to convert the token back to solana with raydium then transfer the SOL then convert back to the token via raydium with the other wallet. for whatever reason THAT seems to be working :person_shrugging:

Brave’s Solana endpoint is being completely unreliable right now.

Go into your Wallet Networks and change the Solana RPC URL to the official Solana one listed on their site:

Changing the URL from to made everything work for me, whereas before just sending SOL between my two wallets and to Coinbase was getting dropped every time.

It’s so annoying that I had to do this in the first place. Why isn’t Brave Wallet using the official RPC URLs? Brave mismanagement of it literally cost me money in trades today.

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