Sol transactions wont go through

Man brave wallet seems to really be dropping the ball.

All tranactions get stuck, I clear the wallet history and still stuck.

Set slippage to 5% which is crazy and still stuck.

once ina blue moon ill get one to go through.

whats the fix?

Timne for a new wallet?

seems like these issues are wide spread and no1 is getting answers

Everyone is experiencing issues. Might want to try to look at crypto news every once in a while. For example:

My assumption is it’s related to this. But I am wanting to tag in @steeven, @Evan123, and perhaps @StephenHeaps to see if any of them might have more answers.

And if it is indeed that issue, I guess just is another argument of mine for UX where we should have it better communicate issues to people. Having errors and failed transactions as a mystery with no feedback isn’t much of a good user experience.

Hello - There is an open issue regarding this matter here. Unfortunately, it is not exclusive to Brave and is being experienced by others on Solana.

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no issues using solflare, only on brave, i think ill just move my assets out of brave tbh. IF i can