Download Brave for Endless OS

Hi, I use the Endless OS in my laptop. I didn’t find any link on the website to download Brave Browser. I tried Brave for linux, but it appeared a lot of info and I understood nothing. Is there a way to dowload Brave in this operational system?


Hi, @t.leite. According to, Endless is based on Debian, so follow the instructions for Debian if Endless’s package/software manager doesn’t have Brave included. For convenience, the Linux install instructions are at:

If you need more help, just say the word. If need be, I can create a virtual machine running Endless to see exactly what you do (or at least as close as possible shy of screen sharing). Please do note that I’m just a fellow user, but I’ve installed and used Brave in a bunch of distros of Linux, as well as Windows, macOS, and iOS.

Hi, @hnktong. I’ll try this. Thanks so much. =]

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