Disappointed in failure to continue to support Windows 7 Computers

Don’t know if this is the right place to post, but I am very disappointed that Brave is ending support for Windows 7 computers. Windows 10 had no important functional improvements over Windows 7 and was simply a way for Microsoft to increase its spying on its users. Windows 10 was so bad that Microsoft tried to surreptitiously “upgrade” Windows 7 computers to Windows 10. About 15% of windows computers used Windows 7. This policy choice by Brave is obviously enough to make me drop Brave as a browser. Particularly disappointing that Brave would do this because one of its main stated objectives is preserving privacy.

I have used Windows 7 with zero problems and no security breaches. If something were to happen, I have multiple back-up drives. Hope Brave will change its policy. I would like to use the browser.


Release Notes v1.47.171 (Jan 12, 2023)

Even worse is the fact that in my tests the update they forced on me today will now not load https sites including Bank sites. Prior to the update - no issues. Problem sites work fine in a non-Brave browsers.


Looked for a link to roll back the update but found no help.

Any suggestions???


You can check this thread to keep using win7 and get all the features of latest versions of brave as well

this thread is in update process and will be finished soon… it currently applies for win 8.1 but this method should also work for win 7 aswell.


Are you saying that there will be a manual way for Windows 7 users to update Brave to keep it up to date?

No, Windows 7 updates will permanently be ended in Feb 7, 2023.

From this point of time(Feb 7,2023), and until 2024, most of the websites will work flawlessly due to the perfection of current state of brave browser But as technology evolves and years passes by, some of the features on certain websites will no longer work with the 109 chromium build which we will have(Win 7 and 8.1 users) in the future, So in these cases, as a temp workaround, you can use this above method to bypass the Microsoft forced upgrade attempt to win 10 and later version.

I will give you an example, let’s assume you’re a developer and you use Elegant themes divi or wordpress to develop websites

while these themes and wordpress features will work now for the current time being and the next few months, you can’t say the same for future as its expected some of the functionality of these websites will break, so for your development environment of your blog or website, you can simply use the above method, load the brave browser as suggested in the above method and continue development using that method and while you’re done with your work for that session or day, you can exit the vm and continue with general browsing on your win 7

Sites like yt, spotify, amazon all will work for atleast the next few years and if by chance any of these websites are starting to not work properly, ->>>> please note that you can use yt, spotify on your smart tv which i believe you should be having in your home and use your smartphone for amazon, ebay…etc

i would have upgrade to win 10 or even 11 by buying a new PC if arrogant Microsoft provides better theming option to get the complete looks of win 7/8.1, excellent taskbar customization and icons customization. Win 7 and 8.1 excels in these aspects which i care about the most (Win 10 is a downgrade, 11 is OK, better than 10 but not as good as Win 7/8.1)

Currently Completely leaving 7/8.1 for Win 10 is not at all worth it and if anyone is overthinking about this, please make sure to check the above thread frequently as i will constantly update it by exploring all of the possibilities.

im currently doing for 10 but will also attempt for win 11 and will help people make a decision to choose which is good for them for their use cases. i will try to be as detailed as possible.

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I realize there are security issues in continuing to use Windows 7 (none of which I have had and Microsoft constantly hypes). However, my question is whether Brave will become insecure on top of what Microsoft is saying about Win 7. Don’t particularly care whether certain sites don’t work on Brave because I can use another browser.

Why are you overthinking about monthly security updates which comes from Microsoft ? Because it doesnt matter for now… As long as you’re not frequently visiting too many sites, downloading softwares and installing them, you’re not running into any issues(threat mostly enters your computer while you run an .exe file which is otherwise known executable files and those monthly security updates are just to protect against those files)

And to answer your question related to brave, if brave team works on this request you’ll be safe as everything will be blocked before you even see it


If shields no longer work, brave will be just as equivalent to an insecure browser but then again if you only visit sites which have high reputation then nothing should do harm…

Windows 10 support will end in oct 2025, so i went ahead and installed Windows 11 via VM on my Windows 8.1 and everything works super fine

Windows 8.1 task manager on the left and Windows 11 running on VM is on the right

we can expect an even less windows process count if we install a ultralite build, but for this particular testing, i went ahead with an updatable build and that’s why process count is little bit high…

updatable build reference

i dont recommend this above method for vm, i just did that for testing purpose

Windows 11 fully tweaked to get the looks of Windows 7/8.1

Taskbar style retained with that glowing effects on bottom.


We can use updated version of brave this way on our windows 8.1 and 7


There are no warning message as it appears on win 7 and 8.1

fewer issues is that…
1; High cpu usage while using youtube or playing videos in general on any website, this is due to cpu is doing everything and GPU is not active, general web browsing works good
2. Scrolling is little bit slow
3. Main negative is that i cant use gpu… wish virtual machines development were grown up in a way to include graphics card support where we can install the same drivers as it is on host computer but still the current scenario is not bad.

i have also worked on Windows 10 with an ultralite build to get looks of windows 8.1/7

see the windows process count

i will share my guide and thoughts soon.

You should really consider upgrading your OS. Windows 7 is an obsolete technology and most software does not run on it.

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Thanks for this TOPIC! 1. Windose 10&11 are INSECURE Bloat-ware, and resorces Hungry, because of the “bloatware!”
I totally gave up on Win10Pro, (or any other version of W10,) and went BACK to W7Enterprise as the MOST secure Windose OS ever made! SO NOW I dual BOOT Win7E and Mint 20.04 and use MINT mostly, but like to TEST apps, (my main hobby, for 20 Years!" I tried all the VIRTUAL machines, but that was NOT as secure as running a single OS by it’s self!
ALL THAT said, abandoning Win7 is really a REAL Slap in the face to ALL, and there are MILLIONS, who run Win7 on their computers, and will NEVER RUN… Windose 10/11/ETC!
SO it BRAVE that is abandoning Multi-MILLIONS of Win7 USERS, believing that everyone and their dog, is going to Down-date to Windose 10/11/etc!
Which is a HUGE mistake, to state the least!
Because those MULTI-MILLIONS will be FORCED to abandon Brave Browser and go to Vivaldi or Opera, or Iron, or Private browsers!
And that was the BOTTOM Line of what Brave Browser is forcing Multi-Millions to do!

I have a decent IQ but don’t know WHY, Brave can not understand the FOLLOWING Facts…

" According to The Verge, Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating operating system is still running on at least 100 million PCs.0 Additionally, ZDNET discovered that nearly 10% of the many millions of visitors to these sites are still using Windows 7. Furthermore, 7% of survey respondents chose the Windows 10 upgrade. Therefore it can be concluded that many people are still using Windows 7."*** (end of copied and pasted thru "Brave search!)

SO is Chrome also, DROOPING 100 Million W7 uses also?
What is WRONG with those 100 MILLION W7 uses that Brave wants to abandon, like kick to the curb" by ending support for problems!
I’m a DUAL Booter running Win10 (ugh) and MINT os and want to ditch HOG heaven W10 and go back to W7 Enterprise, which I can SECURE to the MAX and not worry about running a few apps that do not have linux support, equivalence!

SO I can’t see the Entire Top header in Brave Android, at all since the font is smaller than 3 Pixels, and I’ve BUMPTED the FONT settings up, but that only makes the “BODY” font seeable!
SO then ya’ll tell me us 100 MILLION W7 USERS are going out the window with the "horse and buggy?

AND there is NO way to REPLY to someone whom POSTED a post on this THREAD?

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Successfully updated the Guide here

I am switching back to Opera since Brave is now a shill for Bill Gates

This has been talked a lot of times but Brave team doesnt care about this, that’s the reality :frowning_face:

If chromium popularity and features is equivalent to Tesla which is arguably great, Brave should develop an engine which is something equivalent to Rimac which is a small Croatian based manufacturing company and nowhere big/rich as Tesla but those cars are Good.

The problem with Brave team is that they think like if they want to create an true alternative to chromium, the new alternative should have all of the features that chromium has it → which is completely wrong in my opinion, they should update the current brave browser with a new tracking link which will help them to know what are the features which are often utilized the most and build the alternative accordingly. If like 55% of the chromium features are never used by the average users then why bother adding development stress to add all of them, so work only on the first 45% of the features which are compulsory.

It shouldn’t be like… oh you have that ? we also have it… this pointless competition is a complete waste of time. i dont know the exact numbers, but if chrome has millions of extensions, the team shouldn’t overthink about how to get those extension developers to get into this new Brave browser’s Blazekit engine and add support, rather they should track what are the top 30 extensions which are used/needed the most and should integrate the features directly right into the browser. Top Example would be Ad blocker, screen recorder, screenshot tool, vpn, black theme, gestures support, fancy sidebar, tabs hibernation, tabs manager…etc… All of this features can be integrated into the browser and both the browser engine dependency as well as the extensions developers dependency will be broken.

There are also more than enough smart extension developers who will make their extension available everywhere if the base and foundation has been strongly set for the new browser which brave team develops as most of the extension developers want their extensions to be available as wide as possible to maximize the profits, so even without brave team asking for support, the extension developers who care about profits will automatically come forward to support it.

And the current chromium based browser doesnt need to be scrapped completely altogether, they can keep this current browser development for atleast next 7 to 8 years and then once the new alternative is ready, they can make the move gradually. By this timeframe, all of the current Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11 will be completely out of support and Microsoft will be going on and on with Windows 12, Windows 13, Windows 14,etc so at this time, it will be great to have this new alternative where this browser is built up from scratch to support all of the legacy operating system starting from Windows 7 to Windows 11 to all the way upto Windows 14 which Microsoft would have moved and dropped support for all of the older windows versions…

I Can Clearly See the Future of Microsoft Windows operating systems evolution, its just going to be more and more prioritized for touchscreen devices, tablets and there will be more stronger android vibes, much more than what it feels now → so while the evolution gets worse, there will always be people who will always like these older operating system which made with keyboard/mouse usage in mind. If you want to better understand this, Look at the way how customization settings are handled between Windows 7/8.1 and Windows 10/11… Windows 7 and 8.1 offers more customizations and the designs are very good as compared to these later operating systems.

While Google will be nodding their head and catering to Microsoft with whatever Microsoft does without any emotions/respect to the classic operating systems, Brave will be able to stand out from the competitors… Even with 8 years of development time, the new engine wont be able to comprise all of the features that chromium offers but having something which is independent is Something.

This Quote should be relatable

Have a look here: :point_right:

should also run on Windows 7… :wink:

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I have had zero problems with the software I am running. Windows 10 was simply spyware with no improvements on 7. Haven’t followed Windows 11, but I would expect the same because the large tech companies simply want to scrape every bit of information than can from any person that uses their software.

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yeah i agree with you, some people like lightweight os and choose for speed and performance oriented, there should be a sequel to windows 7 and windows 8.1 preserving the nature of these two oses. Windows 10 and 11 feels like a different OS as they scrapped all of the themes and beauty of these two older oses 7/8.1

I will forgive every problem that win 11 having right now as there are some workarounds which can be done but i absolutely hate the new update of file explorer’s Left navigation pane and top ribbon area

Everything is neatly organized, Especially the highlighted area

There is nothing wrong in trying new things but silly Microsoft believes what it does is right and improvement and scraps off old ones :worried: without any thinking about users who would prefer older design… there is nothing too much new in the modern file explorer EXCEPT everything gets buried under “MORE” button… although the quick access/favorites includes downloads, documents, pictures…etc… i always used to access all of these on the left navigation pane which is below this pc as its seen on the above image, now to see everything got removed feels hard/weird to use the new version of windows

while there is a common problem like new hardwares dont support older operating systems

there is also another problem, these newer oses dont support older hardwares that are released in 2016/2017

So Fully switching to Win 11 isn’t good idea and i encourage you to not migrate to win 11 until browsers no longer work in win 7/8.1, even if fails to work, you can run the latest version of the browser using vm. i have already discovered some new performance tweaks to make vm feel like your host computer performance but haven’t updated on my threads, i will do it soon while i have time.

i still get windows update very often *see the time and date, its not an old update

i stopped caring for new features on brave as it is now a full crypto browser but still like performance of shields. i only wanted shields to work properly by having definitions versions and thus posted it as request here

but apparently someone went ahead and flagged it…i am really confused, annoyed and demotivated to post anything here and feeling bad that moderators are not doing their work to monitor posts and also for the existence of this flagging feature, only moderators should have power to hide, not some random users who gets Triggered.

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