Didnt recieve november creators payout on gemini

this months payout was to be the last payout for unsupported countries
it shows payout completed

same issue for me. @Mattches @steeven Please help me re- check this missing

Many people are facing the same issue but they are not replying

They are saying i tipped myself thats the reason

What are you posting here for? If you need help, make sure to create a Creator’s Support Ticket

Keep in mind they always need extra information, such as your email or, on Rewards, a wallet payment ID. Creating a topic saying “help me” or “I didn’t get my pay” like you did here won’t get you any help.

If you say you have already made a ticket and not gotten a response, then reply with a ticket number. Just keep in mind that they work on tickets in the order they are received. Typically they try to respond within 3-5 business days, but it can take longer.

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