Didn't receive my payment this month

Hi everyone, this month i didn’t received my payment, it says that my rewards have arrived but nothing.
pls help!

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Would you mind submitting your issue here?

We can investigate further. Thanks!

Hi @Evan123 I haven’t received my payment for September 2022 as well. I just checked my Uphold account, as I haven’t received a deposit email. Usually, they would notify me immediately. My last two deposits were on August 8 (for July 2022) and September 8 (for August 2022).

I have also the latest version of Brave. Could you please assist me as well? Thank you!

Please DM me your case number. Thanks!

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They gave me what seems like a canned response that says my problem is resolved. How is it resolved if I still didn’t receive my reward?

What was the canned response, verbatim?

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