March payment it's taking over a month

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It’s the second month that I’ve been using Brave rewards, I created an uphold account just to support the project and because it was interesting to give it a try, but we’re at the 15th of the month and I haven’t received anything and there are no updates on the situation in the community, I know in the front page post it says they are still processing payments for uphold but that long? I don’t want the March payments to arrive next month and so on.

Edit: Guys, my March payment was received on Uphold, don’t worry, I think Brave will send them to everyone soon.


Muchas gracias por estar informando

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I had a gemini account over the last year and have always received rewards pmts by the 6th or 7th of the month. Last month I got a few new devices and tried to link them to my rewards acct only to find you can only attach to an uphold acct now so I did that and am still waiting. They keep saying that you can see its still processing, but its really annoying that no one can even say why. My 2 old devices with gemini got paid on the 6th…

They should have said before or specified in the rewards section that payments take even more than a month… If they had done so I would never have tried the brave rewards…

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