Didn't receive my BAT earnings this month

So i did the confirmation puzzle to confirm expected BAT earnings on 2 different devices and both said confirmed 0.25 BAT. My expected earnings was higher on both devices so don’t know what’s up with that. i have not received any payout on my Gemini account but i can see on the main page that payments are still processing. Does anybody got any update to what’s going on? do we have to do anything? a couple of months ago we had to unflag our accounts with a moderator… do do we have to do something similar?


Here is the latest info.

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same thing happen to me I should be receiving around 2+ bat but I recieve 0.250 only. Guess I just need to wait.

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Sadly, a lot of us are in the same boat.

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at least you got 0.25 BAT lol i have not received anything…

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i win again and again bat but bat i do not see in unhold.can you tell me what happen?

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i also didn’t received anything this month

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February & March rewards not received in uphold wallet , Kindly assist

Lol same, except that after declaring I had earned 0.250 BAT, i realised my Gemini and Uphold account still remained empty. Nothing was credited.

  1. No, see 4. below. Brave told me my claims were ready, delivered.
  2. Yes I’m in the payout period - I’m been getting BAT the past 24 months.
  3. No the panel said I had more than 2 BAT, days before March ended.
  4. No Brave told me to claim by drag-dropping the verification squares, told me I claimed 0.25 BAT (wrong figure). The Brave in-browser wallet increased by 0.25 BAT, but disappeared after 1 hour.

Still no BAT credited in Gemini after 72 hours.

Yes. Please refer back to my last post. They are aware of that issue. I am still awaiting 10 bat myself. They are working on it.

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