Develop a mobile application

Hi Brave Team, I’m using your Brave Application since 5 years and Ad- Free experience with your browser is so appreciated. Now a days youtube playing so many Ads and creating disturbances while watching a video. Please develop a application like youtube in that we can only use youtube. It developed as a browser with only Youtube accessibility that’s also fine.

I hope you understand my request. Please implement this as soon as possible.

Thank you

You can use newpipe already available on Android , and iOS

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There is newipe (as the other user said)

Then there is/was vanced, which got discountinued but still at present works. Users have moved to new product called revanced.

Then there is also libretube.

Turn your brave shields to aggressive mode.
Then go to brave://adblock and add extra lists from their.

Adblocking is cat and mouse game.