Youtube ads on Brave browser


Yesterday I started getting ads on Youtube when using Brave. I didn’t change any setting. I have tried clearing my cookies, resetting all settings back to default settings and downloading the latest Brave browser but none of these things have fixed the problem.

I use the MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 operating system and Brave browser version 1.1.23.

Are you using a VPN? (no)

**Are you in a supported region (see here for list of supported regions)? yes


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Yes, We’re investigating it. I have rolled some test filters into Fanboy Annoyance via brave://adblock, if you wish to test out

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I wondered if you had been able to identify which test filter worked best.


Check brave://components/, Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.941
Clear cookies and clear data for youtube
And retest, relogin into youtube (because the cookies were cleared)

I rolled out some fixes into Version: 1.0.941 to help with youtube.


I cleared my cookies but Youtube is still showing ads.

When I click on Version: 1.0.941 it doesn’t update.


Can you download Brave Beta (via and test youtube under that new profile?

I’ll give it a shot :slight_smile:

No ads on Brave Beta, thanks

Does creating a new profile in your previous Brave version help? 2 methods creating new a profile, let try within Brave itself (via the Brave menu)

How do I create a new profile?

When I tried ‘create a new profile’, it opened a new browser and the youtube ads were there.

Okay last test;

  1. Close all Brave windows
  2. Open File Explorer
  3. Type %userprofile%/AppData/Local/BraveSoftware
  4. Right Click, Rename “Brave-Browser”, call it “Brave-Browser2”
  5. Now restart Brave, under a new profile
  6. Open Youtube to test

To revert, just close all Brave windows again, and rename “Brave-Browser2” back too “Brave-Browser”

I’ll have to try this later as I have to work now but I’ll let you know when I do, thanks

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I can play youtube without adverts under a different profile after doing this but I still get ads on my original profile.

Maybe something about that old profile. Maybe try brave://settings/clearBrowserData specificallt Cookies, Cache. Note, any sites you have logins, it will ask for user/password details

Not long after I was using the new profiles with no adverts the adverts came back. Now Brave Beta is the only way I can play youtube without adverts.
Not sure why they changed to having adverts.

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