Data privacy - SOLID SOcial Linked Data browser

Brave with SOLID SOcial Linked Data browser capability. This feature would provide internet data privacy as a means of accessing and viewing personal data. Consider which of the CRUD operations to support for SOLID data sets.

Systems wide view of internet ecosystem. OSI seven layer model. Not that the Brave browser should incorporate the entirety to the OSI model.

See discussion here

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Legal issues in regard to age of consent and handover from parent the child. Also likely a gradated handover with shared control for a time. Specific resource types handed over or shared responsibility at specific developmental, age, milestones.

In relation to developmental milestones, depending on jurisdiction, a parent might set a rating for Films and Games for a childes browser user profile. U, PG, 12, 15, and so on. These might be used by service providers like social media and others to only serve content published on their platforms that accorded with that rating. Putting the onus on service providers to serve age appropriate content. See discussion here on browser profile settings.

Some (many?) adults might want to restrict the content they are served by setting a specific rating for themselves. Which they would always have the ability to change if they chose to. The choice of what is served to the user at the client side the users prerogative and not the owner/originator at the server side.

And discussion here on HTTP Request Status .

Where a SOLID data pod was also used to store other personal information an internet content rating age might be automatically set. For example health information allotted from birth say by a national health service or national travel document information. This would contain date of birth information which could be used to set a default age rating. The default might be overridden by a parent or carer where they deemed necessary. Or when the individual was of legal age to do so by themselves.

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OSI model, Wikipedia

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