Browser Profile Settings - SOcial LInked Data SOLID

Every browser would have identical minimal standard behaviour on uploading setting from SOLID data pod.

One ring to rule them all and in the data pod bind them
Browser Profile Settings - SOcial LInked Data SOLID
Browser configuration
Multiple browser profiles for different user pseudonyms
Multiple browser profiles for different personas
Multiple browser profiles for different use cases
The same profile for all browsers
Different profiles for different dowsers
Switch profiles
Multiple profiles can be used simultaneously
Different browser vendors
Different browser instances
In the same browser instance but different tabs? - possibly too much at this point

From a systems level view considering the entire internet ecosystem the browser configuration/profile/properties/settings/flags/… attributes are a subset of the ecosystem capability. Similar profile settings might be created for capability that fulfils all the OSI seven layer model elements. For example, and in close relation to browsers, settings for DNS servers, or FTP servers, or HTTP servers, and so on.

See discussion here re browser blacklist whitelist

Separation of concern yes in regard to bounded capability sets within an application like a browser or dns server. But the requirement to integrate at a systems level for the entire internet ecosystem.

It may for example also include app ( that is application configuration information ) . So that there is a record of user configuration of applications. Often when applications update to new releases, sometimes automatically, configuration information is lost and the application reverts to default settings. This might impact safeguarding or security or privacy and so on. Keeping a record of app (application) configuration in the user SOLID pod the application would should be required to reset to any saved user configuration.

See discussion here

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