Dashboard suddenly disconnected from uphold, November.8. payment not received @steeven


So I went to check my dashboard since I still haven’t received my payment that should’ve gone out 8. Nov. . I noticed that again I have this “sorry we’re having trouble communicating with uphold” error, which wasn’t there couple of days ago, so I would say that over the 1st of november my wallet had been connected just normally.
Well this has happened before and not a big deal since it last time was fixed by just reconnecting and waiting for another month.
But how about now since the referral program is about to shut down? Are we still getting paid the leftover BAT’s from this month? @steeven

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Please DM the email linked to your account. Thanks!

No he recibido pago aún de mi cuenta, por favor espero una solución. Gracias.

@Steeven espero resuelvan todos los casos. Ya que el programa de referidos cerrará deberían de solucionarnos con los pagos a todos los creadores de contenido. @Steeven
Mi correo vinculado a mi cuenta es:


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