Lack of payout since November and now my Wallet appears to have reset to zero

My experience seems to be similar to a number of users on this forum, specifically the perpetual balance but no payment since November, and till now I’ve patiently been awaiting a fix and payout. Unfortunately, the problem has now escalated as when I opened my browser this morning my earned balance has now reduced to below a single BAT and I was additionally disconnected from my Uphold account.

My first steps were to restart the browser to confirm it wasn’t a loading issue, then I checked upload to see if the balance had finally gone through (which was not the case), and then I checked the monthly statements which again show only a couple partial payments in November 2020 and none since.

I would very much appreciate assistance regarding this as the earned amount had accrued to a decent balance. It is overwhelmingly apparent that I am not alone in facing this issue but would appreciate your attention and I am happy to provide any additional information you need to help resolve this.

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