Dark/night mode and permanent private mode

Hello, sorry my english is horrible, so i will try to be as simple as possible. I think that adding a night / dark mode would be good, because many people use more night / dark mode (example: Twitter or YouTube). it hurts the eyes less. And add a feature “permanent private browsing” as on Firefox. I like being in private browsing and a lot of people too. not to have to go in the settings to any new navigation.

Thank you so much.


@michal @Saoiray

Thanks a lot this feature is done. Brave offers light / dark / auto theme customization in setting.
Also available private mode browsing which have violet color theme. I understand that you wanted to highlight private mode browsing, so created this violet color design theme which looks beautiful but tiring eyes because too bright and colourful.
Please add to settings “Appearance” possibility to customize also permanent private mode (enabled in settings - “Brave shields & privacy” - “Private browsing only”) to light / dark color theme. I like your black color dark theme which is calm for my eyes which I want to use in “Private browsing only” setting.

I would like request it for iOS