Dark mode on mobile

Since I’m a user of this browser for 3 weeks already, how do I get dark mode on mobile. If there’s one for pc, there should be one for mobile, right?


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Brave for mobile have no dark mode, yet. We’ve an issue logged to implement it for Android here https://github.com/brave/browser-android-tabs/issues/81#issuecomment-481509579

Would be great to get a dark mode
The white is so blinding


+1 desperately need. My eyes are straining without it. Why is this issue been requested so old and no attention?

Simplified view has a dark mode option fyi

@Grug the request linked above is still open. The team not yet implement the option. But you can enable dark mode via flags - inherited from Chromium.

  • Type chrome://flags in URL bar
  • Search for dark
  • Enable this flags and restart your Brave

  • An option will be available in Settings > Theme.


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My settings page said Dark Mode instead of Themes btw

Oh my. The view web contents in dark mode option is also quite sexy.