Dark Mode isn't turning on when opening browser even though it is set to dark mode

@Shaykaden The issue was already marked as solved, it’s a bad practice to comment in a 16 days old post. I mean, 2 weeks is a lot of time, and this issue was already fixed in Nightly and is going to be pushed to Stable in next update.
It would have been easy to find by going to Brave’s github since Brave is open source you know everything they are doing.

I suggested enable-force-dark since the first report of this issue and people didn’t even care to enable, I don’t get why people want to see white pages instead of using the flag and control it with the adblocker in case some websites don’t play well enough with the automatic dark mode.
Most websites work okay, and since it is a native solution, it respects websites color-scheme, that means, websites that already offer dark mode will not be touched unlike Extensions which override everything, also this is faster than an extension but that’s just another topic, the point is, this shouldn’t be seen as workaround, but most people should be using it already, just like Mobile has it.

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