Customize Dashboard

From what I have been able to determine, the Brave Dashboard doesn’t allow much in the way of tab or tile customization.

I want to migrate away from VIVALDI, but the lack of Dashboard Customization is holding me back. I do not like the Security of VIVALDI, regardless of what they say.

In VIVALDI I can have numerous Dashboard Links below the address bar, with each one assigned to a group of websites (tiles) which I visit regularly. For instance, NEWS, BUSINESS, SOFTWARE, EMAIL. . . ETC.

I can then add as many Website Tiles as I want to each Dashboard. I can increase the size of the tiles and the number of columns. I can even add custom images to each tile.

The Open Tabs, which I can put anywhere on the desktop perimeter, allow me to have any Tiles open for any of the Dashboards and gives me a Popup View of the current content when I hover over the tab.

Essentially, I have one Desktop where I can swap out Dashboards with one click and keep my Open Tabs intact throughout.

I have yet to find anything in Brave that will do anything close to this. It seems to me, that Brave would be a massive tool if this level of customization were available.

If I am missing something in Brave that will allow for more customization so I can migrate, I will be more than glad to look at it!

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