Currentyl not available in your region, but I have an account in my region


So I have this issue, I live in Namibia, Africa, and I have Brave. Brave is a great browser, but I never once got a notification about the Brave Rewards that will be lost in April. I had to go look it up. and this is if I did not notice that my rewards have no earnings.

but any way, when I try to connect my Uphold wallet that I have already created, Where I could choose Namibia, it even sends me a link that I have to open up on my phone to take photos of my Namibian ID before it accepts and verifies my account.

So after finding Namibia in a long list of names and accepting my Namibian ID to verify, I am 100% sure that Uphold is available in my region, but when I go to Brave to connect my account, I get this where it says Currently not available in your region.

This seems kind of dodgy as Uphold accepts Namibia but for some reason Brave does not allow this almost as if the whole plan is to make you loose your so to say Coins you have collected.

Any Ideas???

That’s because your region has rules & regulations stopping brave from supporting your region.
A lot of frauds and scams were originating
Problem with custodial Partner refusing to add region due to operation costs compared to Profits.

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Well, guess that is that then, Thanks for the info, I appreciate the clarity on this matter.

@JustaUser One thing I’ll make sure to mention is that Brave is actually working on expanding partnerships to add coverage. No idea how much longer until this bears fruit and we have more options for partners.

Sounds good; all in good time. I am not losing a lot of BAT so I will keep looking out for when we get supported.

Yeah, just as long as you’re aware of and know that if they can’t your region added before sunsetting finishes (which should be soon, as had been announcing April), then whatever BAT you do have will be “lost.”

So I guess means up to you to try to tip it away, if going to just let it “disappear” or whatever happens, or what? Assuming you have any vBAT/BAT that you’ve earned while not able to be connected to a custodial partner.

its really not a lot, but yes I’ll rather tip it away so it does not go to waste, thanks for clearing it all up I appreciate it

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