Cuenta "marcada"

Hola, tengo un programa… mi navegador Brave no me deja enlazar mi cuenta uphold porque supuestamente está “marcada” no se a que se refiere con cuenta “marcada” que yo sepa no hice nada que pueda incumplir las normas de uso y cuando quise enlazar uphold al navegador los bat que tenía desaparecieron y no se enviaron a mi cuenta… No se cual es el problema pero me gustaría que lo arreglen y poder enlazar mi cuenta al navegador sin problemas y recibir mis recompensas

@DaxteR It means as you suggested, that the system detected unusual activity that suggests you’re abusing Rewards or committing fraud. There are many things it considers, such as changes in your IP, automation on your device, very odd usage habits (like continuously active 24/7 or managing to open tabs every 15 minutes until you max your daily NTP ads), etc.

Your best option is to create a Rewards Support Ticket so Brave can review your account and determine if they want to reinstate it. If they see you did nothing wrong or perhaps think the activity might have been “accidental,” they will remove the flag. If they believe actions to be intentional and clear violations, they will refuse to reinstate your account.

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