Crypto n00b transferring bitcoin from Coinbase pro to Brave wallet

I tried transferring bitcoin to my brave wallet. Coinbase pro says the withdrawal was complete, but I found out later that Bitcoin is not a supported coin in Brave wallet, that I needed to convert it to Wrapped Bitcoin first. But why does it say complete in CB pro? And where did it go?


You lost it forever into the abyss. In crypto terms, you burned it. Hope it was a small amount.

You probably will not be getting those coins back. Still contact coinbase support and tell them you made this mistake and hope that you will get your coins.


It is lost forever, there is no way to get them back. You have burned them by sending them to an address that doesn’t support btc. Your coins have ceased to exist on this ledger now


Bitkoin? Jak się zarobić mogę?

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