HELP Transaction Send completed and disaspear

Hi all,

I make a transaction in BNB (BSC) and is completed i receive the pop up with the mesage - transaction complete but after that nothing appear on activity, money is gone and receveir receive nothing ???

I precise i use today 3 time my wallet for other transaction and not problem, can have support ?

Thanks for help

Hey. You sure you enter the right address ?
Also, whats the status on etherscan ?
I’ll also tag @onyb to help.

Also, do not reply or open any links shared here by anyone saying that they are brave support or a live support chat. That is a scam. Also, never share your recovery phrase with anyone.

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If you can share your transaction hash, I’d be happy to take a look. As @SmartyAadi pointed out, please double-check if you actually sent your BNB to the right address (i.e., carefully check all 40 characters of the address).

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Thank you for that information. I haven’t used Brave in Quite awhile. That’s something I’ve never heard of before.

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