Country not supported

I was able to withdraw my BAT earnings in my other gmail account before it was hacked. Now, I created a new gmail account but I cannot connect to my uphold wallet. It says that uphold is not available in my country.(I still have access to my uphold wallet from my old gmail account). Please help me.

It sounds like you’re in one of the countries that aren’t supported at this time. Do you see your country on the list at ?

If your country is not on that list, then you can’t connect Rewards to Uphold at this time.

Also, if you’re saying you are trying to create a new Uphold account, then you might have a couple problems. The first is you can only have one account per person. You’d be better off trying to get them to change your information there. But the second thing, assuming you’re speaking of a new Uphold account and they aren’t letting you make one, might be that the country you’re in is on their restricted list, which you can see at If your country is listed there, then you can’t create a new account.

No, its not on the list. Im from the Philippines

Yep, Philippines is no longer supported. Spoken as if it may never return, but we’re all waiting to find out. They had too much fraud and all.

Of course, that notice linked above would change in that as of this year, you can no longer earn BAT unless you’re linked to a custodial account.

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