Cotinuous Non-Stop Network Traffic for Brave Browser

I have noticed that NetHogs reports constant non-stop relatively large network traffic (send and receive) for the Brave Browser, even when I have only one static page (i.e. google search) open in my browser. This is the program displayed in NetHogs.

pt/ --type=utility --utility-sub-type=network.mojom.NetworkService --field-trial-handle=12

Neither Firefox nor Chrome have this problem. What is the reason for this traffic? Could my browser be infected?

Thank you. J

Could look at ≡ -> More Tools -> Task Manager and view the Network tab, to see what tab is using traffic. Making a new profile might be a good start also.

Thank you @fanboynz I am on Linux, and using NetHogs one has the ability to see which App is creating the traffic. I have uninstalled and re-installed Brave, and although the traffic appears to have gone down somewhat, it is still sending and receiving a non-negligible amount of data.

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