Contributions not going through

My friend contributed around 120 BAT to my YouTube channel as a donation, but I received only around 36 BAT, where did all this go? Very disappointing since he spent a while saving up to contribute. I am verified and it does work some of the time, but most of it was lost and is not in my creator page or his wallet.

Hi @adamhuffman,

Welcome to community! Sorry for your trouble here. Can you send me your publishers URL? We can take a deeper look.


Some appears to be showing up but still not the full amount. Maybe I just need to wait longer.

This is the channel being donated to.

Hi @adamhuffman,

Have the rest of the funds appeared? If not, are the funds still available in your friends wallet? If your friend closed the browser immediately after sending the payment, there’s a chance that the transaction was cut off.

Let me know what your friend says and we can work to solve from there.

Thanks again for reaching out!

about 30 people wrote me SMS that they donated 30 coins each, but they are not shown on my balance in Basic Attention Token

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