Color Coded or Highlighted Tabs?

Would it be possible to assign colors or show a highlight for the current tab? When I have a bunch of tabs open It’s hard to tell which one I am currently looking at, or to go to one in particular that I want to move into/out of.

A highlight on the current tab or the ability to color them for specific sites (or url) would be very useful and make moving between and tracking them much easier.

I do a lot of research, usually 10-15 tabs open. If there was an ability to color code them (by subject, site, or url) would make it much faster to switch between those I currently need and those I will go back to once I’ve done the research on the other sites.
Thank you!

Hi! This is a feature that’s been in Chrome for a bit. Go to brave://flags and search for “tab groups”. It allows you to organize your tabs into groups and color code them.