Claim option not come today November 6

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Same problem…

Same problem…

I have two brave browsers in my mobile brave and beta version. I reset my brave browser 20days before. Today I got claim option in beta version but I didn’t get claim in brave. Is there any problem with reset or should I wait for another month to claim the rewards?

my problem is also same i didnt get any claim option and now it is showing the next payment date as dec 6

Every one , be patient, I think you will get your ads reward very soon . I think It may be late because of large list .
Good luck for everyone

Hello @Sumanth @Imranfaridh @Punkboy @Alsolens

please check this

and it could take even week to pay everyone so be patient

so if the post i mentioned changed status to complete and you still did not get paid then create and post and describe your issue

hope that help and have a nice day

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Same here. The next payment is december 6 but i didnt claim the bat for november. 🤦