Claim option didn't show and Next payout shifted to 6Aug , please help

Today is 6th June and the CLAIM option didn’t show and when I saw in the ad setting page it shows the new Payout date is 6 Aug. please help…

Maybe i can help until one of the community support leaders gets here.

*This is stickied right now.
If your wallet is verified i dont think you need to click the claim button, they should get credited directly to your uphold wallet
If your wallet is not verified i suggest doing that to secure your tokens.

This is a payout status update for the Brave Ads payout date beginning on June 5th, 2021.

Payments will begin processing on Saturday June 5th. Please note that payments can take several days to finish processing.

Brave Ads Payout status:

  • Verified wallets (Uphold): :green_circle: : Payments Processing.
  • Unverified wallets: :green_circle: Payments Processing.

While both options you have provided are correct? The problem we see is that , only 1 BAT will be paid every month. Irrespective of how many ads you see.

My pending BAT is increasing every month. I have 31 BAT last month. Now I have 32 BAT pending. After credit of 1 BAT.

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