Claim button never appeared on macOS V2

SO… Today I posted a topic saying this :

Hi, there has been an issue with my Brave Rewards. It is my first month done, so I can’t tell what is the problem. I downloaded Brave at the beginning of November, and my Brave Rewards payment was due to 7th December. So I wait the 7th, and when the day comes, no button reward appears, nothing. Today nothing more.
And now, I have again the estimation of rewards due to 7th January, but the Brave Rewards I had from November disappeared. Don’t know what to do.

And an administrator told me to send him my Wallet ID, but nothing changed… AND my topic was closed.
So, instead of making us believe you’re doing something, DO something. And let our topic open, for the sake of the other users.

Please be patient as we have a large volume of requests/IDs to address. I’ve pinged @steeven internally to take a look but again, it may take some time.

Thank you.

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