Slow loading contact suggestions when using 'Share Via'

When using the ‘Share Via’ button on Android, a dialog opens up with a list of suggested apps as is the normal behavior in most apps, but then several seconds later the top row is replaced by randomly suggested contacts from either Facebook Messenger or phone contacts. This delay sometimes causes you to miss-press the wrong selection.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open the menu in Brave
  2. Select the Share Via button (three dots connected together)
  3. Wait several seconds for your suggested contacts to populate

Expected result: Either no contact suggestions are shown whatsoever, or the suggestions should populate at the same time as the other app choices with no delay.

Brave Version: 1.5.0

Mobile Device details: LG G6

Additional Information: This isn’t a behavior I see in any other app I have installed, so I’m assuming this is a Brave feature.

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