Center Brave Search results in UI

I would love an option to center the search results in Brave Search.

I have no darn clue why they are squashed into the left side of the screen. I guess it’s what every one is used to when switching from Google but it doesn’t make it any better.

I would highly appreciate Brave/Brave Search to provide a native option to do so.


Hello @AGabriel, thank you for reaching us out. What kind of device and OS do you use? If on desktop, there is an option to centralize the search bar by going to brave://settings/appearance > Use wide address bar > turn it off

On the other hand the search results are more to the left in case you search specific information will appear on the right side. If you want to centralize the search results please open a feature request in our support Forum, please see:

Hope it helps. Kind Regards.

Hi @Jarc-1107,
Thanks for the quick response!

The mentioned feature for the wide search bar is new to me - very interesting!
I will opened a feature request for the centering of the search results, find it here.

Hello again @AGabriel, Yeah I just voted! think would look like better as well. Kind Regards.