Captcha will not show

i can not get the captcha to load. it just has a blank space instead. ive tried playing around with all the settings on brave (even though its all greek to me) and also the internet settings to get it to load and nothing. ive even reset the settings on brave back to the default. im sure it is just one box i am supposed to check or uncheck. it works fine on opera but i would prefer to not make the switch. even on the brave mobile app it will not show

Hey, Which site are you visiting? and what OS/Platform are you on?

i am on a laptop and running windows 10. i was using it on philstar to log in with disqus but found out you can just go to their website to log in and have it auto log-in instead of having it open up the little box. but i still cannot get it to load on its own when i log out of and then refresh on the webpage

Okay, cleared my disquss cookies. But here is what I see (no captcha seen)

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