Captcha not solvable

IN private mode with tor upon entering web address to go to and hitting enter, Im presented with Captcha that is screwed.

HELP !!!

macOS BigSur

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Hi, this is normal for Tor. Many sites, upon detecting Tor, send captchas.

Can you send the website’s link to me for testing?

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I know that its common to display captcha while using tor, but, on most sites, captcha is solveable easily.

It is tams itself if request cohead with one ( or all ) of dSTA ( fucmo)

  • dicx.cloudflare.chickfucjksuck kde fucksucker


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Do you have the link for the website?

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@Markook just any webfuck

Im fedup with dicked captcha

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Ok. Can you show me some image of the captchas? Or at least tell me what you mean by “screwed”

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In this case screwed means unresolveable: even after picking correct images, captcha fails.

Well i dont think that depends of Brave. Since the captchas are created by the websites themself

By the websites themselves? I always thought that Captcha is Google-thing…

No. Most captchas depend on the host service where the website is maintained

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The captchas created by google are called ReCAPTCHA

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Heres the definition of CAPTCHA. Websites can use its own captcha or use Google’s one. Hope you understand the difference

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@Markook Yes I understand clearly, no worries :slight_smile: Many thanks for all this :slight_smile:

Of course, thats why im here.

Greetings, Markook

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