Captcha and Login Issue!

  1. I have issue with sites that require captcha. captcha doesn’t load only giving connection errors like not reachable etc, but its working fine on firefox.
  2. I can’t login in certain sites like , and
    I don’t know why but whenever I put my credentials there and press login, it brings me back to login page only and doesn’t let me pass the login operation. Then, I have to use Firefox for these sites.

When you are on these sites, click on the Lion icon on top and switch it off and see if the problem is gone.

No man, doesn’t work on uphold and tickertape

Go to brave://flags/#brave-ephemeral-storage and disable it.

still not working on any of the sites. I disabled like you said and also tried with disabled and switch off from lion button on the site.

I think this is your post in reddit…

Yes, its my post only

Do the test captchas work? (v2 and v3 recaptchas) I just tested both, with the following results:

Resolves captcha on click.

Resolves from 4-5 captcha pictures chosen (in the mosaic style). Tested around 10 times

These were the results and clearly i cant get through captcha. This thing annoys me a lot in google form also as it doesn’t let me upload the desired thing.

Interesting issue

Are you using a VPN? or using secure DNS?

no. No vpn. I dont know about dns but that shouldn’t be matter because for logging in, they are not working since I logged off from them once and captcha doesn’t work

brave://settings/securityUse secure DNS

dude me too uphold .com problem after claim BAT…

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Im using that only.
… … … …

Can you switch it off and retry?

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