Can't verify Brave Wallet because I don't use BitFlyer

Hi there,

I am trying to verify my wallet but I cannot link it to any wallets other than from BitFlyer, which is a Japanese crypto exchange. I do not live in Japan or in Asia :S Is there a way I can verify a wallet? I’m based in North America.

in north america you should be able to use either uphold or gemini. no idea why it would try bitflyer unless there is a vpn or some system setting involved.

that’s what i thought too - but i don’t have any VPN pointing to any countries in asia. not sure what’s going on.

i was wondering if any of the bravo devs might think this could be a bug?? i don’t know :frowning:

you could try sending a dm to @steeven or @SaltyBanana. they seem to reply most often.

probably pointless question, ipv6? I ask because I can imagine (likely incorrecly) a potential vpn like effect from ipv6 to ipv4 bridging.

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