Can't reply to a support response

Hi Folks
I posted a problem report in November 2020.
Five months later I got a reply from Support (Salty Banana) saying “You might want to consider updating to the latest Brave version.”

This reply isn’t helpful. It’s also a really really long wait. Should I expect this as the normal turnaround time for bug reports?

The bug system closed it after a month so replies (other than Support’s apparently) aren’t even allowed.

As to her reply - Brave auto-updates so even if I didn’t try I’d be on nearly the latest release.

She did say “Hi there @Joefilmmaker, welcome to Community” which was nice. But the rest of the response seemed kinda snarky to me - like “dumb user why don’t you keep up-to-date.” Which I do. Not being able to even say so feels pretty disempowering to me.

A nicer response might look something like:

Hi Joe
Sorry for the delay. Your bug has been fixed in current releases.

Here’s the original bug so you can take a look if you want:

@Joefilmmaker they try their best but still have a very small team working on this browser. Usually when they say to update, it’s because they have implemented changes and are hoping you can verify it still having an issue. As to the forum, posts get disabled after a month of no activity as is assumed it’s no longer a problem but then. So make sure to stop by your post on occasion to keep it open.

In regards to .ics, I’m not sure what to tell you. Safari is an Apple branded browser and not really to be compared to Brave. Since Safari is owned and operated by Apple, it has more permissions and capabilities within iOS. Brave is based on Chromium, essentially a comparison to Google Chrome.

I know very little, but I would ask if your able to open programs and then import the data into your calendar? Also make sure you’re selecting the right folders when you download the .ics as it may only be looking at certain file locations and I’ve got it elsewhere. Again, just random thought from someone who knows very little, so take that with a grain of salt.

@Mattches you able to help point in the right direction on this one?

Thanks for your feedback.

I have reopened your thread for additional troubleshooting. Let us continue the conversation there.

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