Can't install Brave on Debian

Description of the issue:
I cant install Brave Browser on my Debian 9 OS.

Steps to Reproduce:

First I tried to follow your instructions on your official website :
But it failed with :
E: Malformed entry 1 in list file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/brave-browser-release-.list (Component)

Basically the line E: La liste des sources ne peut etre lue
means : The sources list can not be read

I tried to install it from apt, I followed many tutorials but apt does not seems to retrieve the url. Here is which tutorial I followed : (in french, sorry)

Here is what I got :

The line Le telechargement ...
means : Downloading of some index files failed, they have been ignored, or the old one have been used instead.
And then Impossible de trouver le paquet brave-browser
means : Impossible to find the package brave-browser
I also tried to add the beta dependency, but it seems to loop or timeout on 0 % :

(I also tried to comment the ‘release’ and only let the ‘beta’ in my brave.list, did not work either)

As last test, I decided to git clone your GitHub repository and try to compile Brave Browser by myself.

I followed your instructions on this link :
In this link, I am told to launch from the repository src/build :

# cd to brave-browser repo root

But, when I ls src :

As you can see, there is absolutely nothing in src/ folder.

It is really too bad as I really want to get Brave on my Debian (I tested Brave Browser on Windows and I completely fall in love with it).
If anyone has a suggestion, it would be really nice !

Thanks in advance,

greetings, user of debian 9

it would seem to me that since you are attempting to use debian, which is not an officially supported OS for brave, the $UBUNTU_CODENAME shell variable that’s used as part of the official install steps with apt doesn’t exist.

you seem to be cloning the git repo correctly, however the build method you mention is either depracated or ill-informed.

on the git repo, in the current stable release, the readme instructs one to use npm build and npm install, and there is no mention of an included shell script to do the same.

credit where credit is due, a generic +1 for being a full and proper debian user, and the quality screenshots are greatly appreciated.

sorry this is late

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