Cant claim rewards

I have been using brave for a couple years now. Still cant claim any rewards. Always get the “mmm not quite” when droping the BAT logo into requested shape.

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Can you tell me what OS you’re using? There are a few possible causes for this:

  • I believe there may still be an issue with the verification if you have the “zoom level” changed – can you check and ensure that you are viewing the page at the default 100% before trying the verification again?
  • Sometimes extensions can conflict with – do you have any extensions installed at this time?
  • There’s a small chance if you’re running a VPN with certain settings or are proxying your connection, verification may fail. Do either of the above apply to you?

Hi Mattches

I checked all of the above however none of the suggestions are applicable.

Can you please tell me what OS and Brave version you’re using?

Windows 10 and I believe its BETA

Could the fact that Im in South Africa have anything to do with it?

I don’t think so – typically when a claiming issue like the one you’re describing it’s a technical Issue. I would next try clearing your cache/browsing data.

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