Cant add country to brave rewards "uphold" partner

While trying to create a wallet, typing in any country doesnt bring up a list, so i cant create an account with “Uphold” to create a custodial wallet to save my brave rewards. Have tried multiple times after restarting and reinstalling the browser itself. So do I just have to lose my rewards or what??

@franc4937 it’s working fine on devices I’m testing with. This makes it seem like it’s something on your end. Not sure if you have extensions or what?


And on Mobile:

exactly, I get none of those menus with the countries showing. Same for the citizenship menus as well. So exactly what “extensions” should I be adding to brave to use “uphold” then? I assume Brave needs no modifications to use a small aspect of a partners site right?

Or I guess you’re saying I have extensions that are interfering with this aspect of their site? Would you be able to clarify aside from confirming that you can do it and I cannot? I’m definitely not implying that their partner site doesn’t work for everyone… so we CAN safely assume its a me problem… that’s why I’m here for help to be completely transparent here…


@franc4937 not quite sure what to say. If you try on a new profile, does it connect? Have you tried clearing cookies/cache?

Guess perhaps I also should ask, what device are you using? What version of the OS? What version of Brave?

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