Cannot play youtube video, only sound

After update Brave linux version, it could not play video, only sound came out, no picture.

@skashima have you done any troubleshooting? If not, try each step below. Only do one at a time and you can revert back to existing settings if a step doesn’t work.

Try a step and see if anything changes. Each step will help to confirm or exclude various things as the cause of your problem.

  1. Make sure your OS, Brave, and all your drivers are updated. And not sure where you’re grabing updates from, but might want to make sure it’s from official source rather than unofficial. For example, FlatPak is unofficial. You can see list at

  2. Disable Shields

  3. Open in private window.

  4. Create a new profile

  5. Disable graphics acceleration

  6. Try going to brave://flags and see if changing anything at Choose ANGLE graphics backend makes a difference. There are like 5 options to choose from.

  7. Grab Brave Beta or Brave Nightly, see if it happens there.

  8. Test on Chrome