Cannot Build Fennec Xcode 10.2.1

I am trying to contribute to the ios browser but cannot get the Fennec scheme to build. I keep getting errors like

'hashFn.h' file not found 

or another similar file.

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I see that previously there has been an issue with Brave not supporting the latest version of Xcode, however I thought that issue was resolved here

Hi, this is a temporary bug until is merged in.

As a workaround, you can copy two folders node_modules/ad-block/hash-set-cpp and node_modules/ad-block/bloom-filter-cpp to node_modules directory

So hashset and bloom filter folders will be in two locations:

  1. brave-ios/node_modules/
  2. brave-ios/node_modules/ad-block/node_modules

Let me know if that helps


Worked great thank you

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The PR has been merged, so should be back to normal. Sorry for the hassle.

Awesome thanks for the update