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I am trying to build an iOS browser app, I have followed the instructions which are mentioned in the URL:

When I ran a build by selecting Fennec as a scheme in the Xcode, I got the following errors. Since I am new to iOS development, I am unable to solve these errors. I request you to help me out to fix these errors/any pointers or documents which I need to refer.

git head is preset at this point:
commit db29abd4dc0fc4b2443a08e03643a2ea8ce9c3c7 ( HEAD -> development , origin/development , origin/HE

AD )

Author: Joel Reis <[email protected]>

Date: Mon Mar 25 18:13:53 2019 -0400

No Bug: Removed flag that disables sync. (#1000)

Thanks in advance.

Hey, at the moment we don’t support the latest Xcode version(10.2), you would need to downgrade to 10.1.

We have a ticket for it here
We are going make the brave-ios repo compatible with 10.2 soon, next week probably.

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Thanks for your guidelines.

I would like to work on the latest release branch of iOS, is there any release branche details link of Brave iOS (Just like chrome:

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You can checkout Brave at specific version if you want
Go to and choose a version you like and clone it
For example git checkout v1.8. to get last released version

Thanks a lot for your kind help.

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