Build failed on macOs

I am new to the project and while cloning and building the project i get some errorrs, @trand1, how did you resolve this

Highly unlikely that they will ever reply since their last seen is from 2020. Maybe tagging a team member will help as well!
@Mattches @steeven

yeah, you’re probably right but because i get the same exact error i had to ask

If you can provide some more detailed information about the errors you’re seeing and how you got there, I’d be happy to pass it along to one of our devs to take a look.

After experimenting a bit i was able to successfully run
npm run init,
but i got an error when specifying the target_os and therefore i could not build it, here is a screen shot of the error.
Let it be noted that my OS is 10.15.7 Catalina and i am currently running Xcode 12.4 the latest available for my OS, which in turn supports SDK 11.1, which conflicts with the Prerequisites that are listed


"macos" is not a valid value for target_os. Try "mac" instead:

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thanks for the feedback @fmarier but it doesnt seem to do anything
i get the same error

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