Can there be implementation of these things? [Involves the New Tab and Picture-In-Picture]

  • The ability to change the background of your new tab with whatever picture you want.

The backgrounds this browser displays is nice, but I would rather be able to set a favorite background that I have and can choose/browse from that I have saved on the Desktop.

  • The ability to input whatever shortcut tab you want within the new tab.

It would seem that the sites you visit the most, appears on the new tab and when that happens,
you can pin it. But I don’t really like the looks of this. If possible, i’d like to be able to add a site on my own through url and put that tab under my “top sites” instead of just waiting for it to eventually appear so I can pin it.

  • And to have a Picture-In-Picture thing just like Firefox that can stretch in any angle and infinitely across the screen until you get to the edges of it.

Every Picture-In-Picture in the Webstore is very bad in comparison to the one that comes with the installation of Firefox because the ones in the Webstore doesn’t even stretch out far in size. It’s small and limited. It’s at least like 500x300 But on Firefox, it can stretch across the entire screen to the point where it looks like you’re going full screen on a video. In my case, it can stretch to the limit of 1920x1080 because that’s the size of my screen. But if it was on the Brave Browser, I would’ve abandoned the use of Firefox completely a long time ago. But I use both Firefox and Brave at the moment because Picture-In-Picture helps with multi-tasking.


Hey Radon,

Totally agree with you on the Picture in Picture request. I find that surprising that we have to use a flag or an extension on the Chrome Web Store to do something that should be native on any modern browser (and Brave is the best of all).

Thank you guys !


Great requests!
I second all of them :slight_smile:

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(also I find it strange how a reply to someone on this site has to be 20 characters of letters or you can’t reply…)

I hope more people can see this post. It should be very well pushed to happen.