Can i claim rewards from previous months without a uphold account?

I’ve been using brave for about 9 months now but have never made a uphold account (or any other crypto wallet for that matter) to claim them as i wasnt too bothered about the rewards, just always preferred brave to google. If i was to create a uphold account now, would the BAT tokens that I’ve earned throughout the whole time I’ve used brave be backdated to my uphold or would i only get what I’ve earned for the current month? I hope this makes sense but if not I can try to explain it a bit better. (UK User)
Using brave on android.

No. If you were only using Brave for 9 months, then you never earned anything anyway. Announcements were put out in January 2023 that you could only earn BAT if you were connected to Uphold or one of the other custodial accounts. They also warned that vBAT, which is BAT earned when not connected to a custodial account, would be getting sunsetted and people should connect if they want to earn and keep earning. For you to say 9 months, it means you started after that was already in effect which also then means you never could have earned vBAT or anything.

But let’s pretend you started in 2022 and earned vBAT, there was a second notice reminding people of vBAT sunsetting and that if you failed to connect by October 31, 2023 then any vBAT you had earned would be gone forever.

So with those, you have not earned any BAT (at least not for yourself). Participating in Rewards without connecting to a custodial account would have had you in what is considered Creator Support Only mode. In other words, any BAT earned from viewing ads is automatically given to Creators.

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