Call is ended at the 3 hour mark

Hello. I use brave talk with my boyfriend and it works excellent, however our call gets dropped at exactly 3 hours of lenght and we have to make another one. It’s always exactly 3 hours. I can’t find anyone saying anything about this online so it feels like it’s only happening to us, even though everywhere on the website it says unlimited length.

What’s happening? We can certainly create a new room and use that one but it makes no sense. Why at three hours long? It’s annoying.

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Thank you for reaching out about this.
To my knowledge there is no time limit to how long calls should be but it sure does seem like there is, given that this always occurs at the three hour mark.

I’ve informed the team about this to see if there is in fact a limit — hope to have more information for you soon.

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Thank you! This happens consistently once three hours elapsed. We always forget about it so we an in the middle on conversation or someone us screensharing a game and we suddenly see our own face because the call died. And if we look up it’s always 3 hours. 3 hours and 1 minute, 3 hours sharp, etc.

It’s very weird. We were trying to think if there’s something else that could be triggering this behavior but we have had the same issue in differente instances of Brave (different computers) and it still happened.

I can confirm that there is no time-limit in the service. In some cases, we’ve had conferences running for 3 days. In addition, there is regular testing in which conferences are run for at least 4 hours (the automated tests have to stop sometime… to report results and to test new releases!)

Perhaps your ISP is using a NAT that automatically deletes mapping entries after 3 hours? Briefly, a device doing network address translation – – maps network addresses from one network (your premise network or the ISP’s network) and the Internet. The mapping entries are necessary to make sure the packets get routed to the correct devices. If a mapping entry is removed, then the packet has “nowhere to go”.

So, depending on where you are using Brave Talk, the next step is for you to talk to the network administrator (if you’re using Brave Talk at a company), or your ISP (if you’re using it at home).

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A related possibility is that a firewall at the edge of one of your networks or on a router may be configured to terminate long running connections. This is especially common in some corporate settings. If the signaling connection that Brave Talk uses is cut off by a firewall then temporarily blocked you might see the kind of symptoms that you are describing.

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