Call for volunteers in Machine Learning user study

UPDATE (27 Dec 2019): Happy holidays everyone :christmas_tree: There are still a few unclaimed rewards, so if you have sent your readings but haven’t heard from us, please make sure to check your spam folder. If you didn’t receive an email please DM @Moritz and I’ll make sure to sort you out.

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UPDATE (12 Dec 2019): We’ll be sending reminders to check and submit the data from now on. If you have send the data but haven’t heard from us, please send a DM to make sure you will receive the reward :red_gift_envelope:

UPDATE (3 Dec 2019): :partying_face: Thank you all, we have filled the available spots for now. There is a possibility that we’ll be looking for further participants in a couple of days in which case we will announce it here.

UPDATE (2 Dec 2019): We still have 10 spots to fill. If you want to participate DM me :wave:

UPDATE (28 Nov 2019): We have filled 30/50 spots and will send out the download link for the first batch soon :clap:

STATUS: All participant slots are filled. Make sure to keep an eye out for future studies that we’ll be running in the new year.

NOTE: We will not accept and immediately delete all data that is submitted by non-verified participants.

We are looking for 50 participants for a user study that will enable us to improve our local machine learning models around Brave Ads. You can apply only if you are 21 years of age or older and live in either the USA, Canada or the UK.

We will be looking to respectfully collect browsing behavior data through a custom browser extension for a number of days.

You have complete control and can opt-out at any moment. You can uninstall the extension at any time. You can inspect the data (collected locally on your computer) anytime during the collection period or have a look at the source code on Github. And, you can submit the data to us only if you feel comfortable with what was collected.

The data will be used for the specific purpose of improving local analytics only. Access will be restricted to the Brave research team and the data will be deleted after 1 year.

You will be rewarded with a $20 Amazon gift card after successfully sending an appropriate amount of browsing data. If you wish to volunteer please DM me and I will send further instructions.


Since it’s not available for global users, why has it been pinned for “Globally”? :thinking:


Makes me sad hehe but its ok dude i am sure more opportunities will be opened in the future!


Yes sir! i want… But i live in Asian country Bangladesh :bangladesh:


I live in the UK and am 37 with a verified contributer site if there are any slots still available pls get back to me


John Kenny

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Hi I would like to offer my experience most readily.

Is it possible to be paid in crypto instead of Gift Card? If not I completely understand, just my opinion that the more crypto in whte wild and in the wallets it’s better for the crypto market.

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