[Bug] Share Button in iOS

The share buttonon iOS doesn’t share the current page a lot of the time. It share the previous page. There’s been two other posts about this from 2019, but no response and hasn’t been fixed.

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What option are you using to share the link itself? Just the Copy URL option? On my end, the link copied is the correct URL even after switching tabs.

No, I’m using the share function. Click the three dots on the bottom right corner and click share with. Highlighting the url manually works, but it’s not the easiest way as you have to drag the bar and it sucks doing that.

Menu --> Share with...--> Copy was the method I was using.

Yeah, same method, even before copying the url, you can see the url in the top. I’ll share a screenshot below. I removed the common contacts in the middle for privacy. Look at the two urls, they don’t match at all.

Thank you for sharing. I see the URLs matching just fine personally, but that is suspicious. Let me reach out to iOS team to see if anyone knows about this. Can you also tell me what version of the browser you’re using at this time?

Sometimes it works correctly, sometimes it doesn’t. I think sometimes I’ve also got it to correct if I refresh the page, sometimes no.

iOS version 14.5.1
Brave 1.25 (
But this has been an issue I’ve noticed for a few months but thought it would be easily found, so I didn’t report it earlier.

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Good news – looks like this was recently fixed. You should see the fix reflected in the next browser update to version 1.26x:

Same issues when I try to share a link through iMessage.

Same issue here, sharing on Twitter using the Share Extension.